Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice v. Cline

State court challenge to an Oklahoma law, passed in 2014, that imposes restrictions on medication abortion, including forcing physicians to administer medication in an outdated manner, requiring several in-person visits with a provider, and limiting provision of medication abortion to no more than 49 days’ gestation. The court allowed the law to take effect but issued a temporary injunction enjoining provisions of the law that would subject providers to liability. The plaintiffs filed an emergency appeal to the Oklahoma Supreme Court. The Oklahoma Supreme Court granted the emergency motion and temporarily enjoined the law during the pendency of the litigation. On August 10, 2015, an Oklahoma state judge found that the restriction violated the Oklahoma state constitution. Current Status: The state appealed the decision to the Oklahoma Supreme Court. (See the law here. See the complaint here. See the emergency appeal to the Oklahoma Supreme Court here. See the Oklahoma Supreme Court order granting the temporary injunction here. Read more about the case here.)