October 3, 2014


"We Heart: California's Adoption of Affirmative Consent," Kitty Lindsay, Ms. Magazine  blog: "In California, yes means yes!" Lindsay writes, noting that Gov. Jerry Brown (D) recently signed "a landmark piece of legislation [SB 967]" that "requires individuals to receive 'an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement' from their partners before engaging in sexual activity." The law "reimagines consent by throwing out the ambiguous and ineffective 'no means no' and replacing it with an active and sex-positive 'yes means yes,'" Lindsay explains. Consequently, "silence or lack of resistance during a sexual encounter ... no longer is a legitimate excuse for unwanted sexual contact," Lindsay writes (Lindsay, Ms. Magazine blog, 9/30).

What others are saying about sexual and gender-based violence:

~ "NFL Meeting With Black Women's Groups on Domestic Violence a 'Productive' Beginning," Mary Curtis, Washington Post's "She The People."

~ "In Annual Statistics, Most Colleges Claim Zero Reported Sex Offenses," Adam Goldstein, Huffington Post blogs.