Seattle Resolution Rejects Hyde Amendment, Supports Reproductive Health Access, Op-Ed States

September 10, 2014 — Seattle this week became "the first jurisdiction in the Northwest -- and the sixth nationally -- to declare its support for overturning the Hyde Amendment and restoring access to reproductive health care for every woman," write Seattle City Council Member Bruce Harrell, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Executive Director Rachel Berkson and Legal Voice Executive Director Lisa Stone in an opinion piece for the Seattle Stranger's "Slog."

They explain that for "nearly 38 years ... the Hyde Amendment has undermined Roe v. Wade by barring public funds from covering abortion care, effectively cutting off access for most women enrolled in public government insurance."

Harrell, Berkson and Stone add that the amendment is not "just a matter of reproductive freedom," but also an issue of "racial and economic justice" because so many of the women who are "affected are low-income women, women of color, and immigrant women, who already face significant challenges to accessing safe, respectful, timely health care."

With "women's reproductive rights [being] deliberately and strategically eroded in other states, passing the resolution shows that the Hyde Amendment and attacks on women's health do not reflect Seattle's values," they write (Harrell et al., "Slog," Seattle Stranger, 9/8).