September 9, 2014


"Single Mother Will Spend at Least One Year in Prison for Getting Her Daughter Abortion Pills," Maya Dusenbery, Feministing: "State laws requiring an abortion to [be] performed by a doctor were intended to prosecute quack providers; they were never intended to be used against people seeking to end their pregnancies -- and they make no sense in the modern world where the procedure can be 'performed' non-surgically by taking a couple pills," Dusenbery writes. Unfortunately, such laws "continue to be abused," such as in the case of "Jennifer Whalen, the Pennsylvania mother charged with a felony for helping her daughter get an abortion" via medication abortion drugs who "has been sentenced to up to 18 months in prison." Dusenbery continues, "If these laws remain on the books ... it's terribly obvious what the consequence will be: Pregnant people -- whether they intended to end their pregnancies or not -- will be afraid to seek medical help when they need it" (Dusenbery, Feministing, 9/8).

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~ "Miscarriage Isn't Illegal, but it's Increasingly Treated With Suspicion," Amanda Marcotte, RH Reality Check.


"Wendy Davis' Choice: Why Speaking Out About Abortion Must Remain a Woman's Decision," Jenny Kutner, Salon: Texas gubernatorial candidate and state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) did "exactly what she should have done" when she revealed "private information about her reproductive history," not because "it might impact the polls," but because "Davis decided that sharing her abortion stories was the right decision for her," Kutner writes. However, Kutner stresses that women who are making abortion decisions or deciding whether to share their abortion stories "must make the choices that are best for them and for their families." She writes that while sharing abortion stories "shamelessly and openly ... [is] a simple act that has the potential to eliminate the stigma attached to abortion," women who do not share such stories are "exercising yet another right -- to maintain their privacy" (Kutner, Salon, 9/8).

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~ "Why is the Media Asking Anti-Choice Extremists About Wendy Davis' Abortions?" Andrea Grimes, RH Reality Check.