August 5, 2014


"Repro Wrap: TRAPs Are Working, Buffers Aren't, and Clinics Just Keep Closing," Robin Marty, Care2: Marty reviews a number of targeted regulation of abortion providers measures, noting the "biggest news" last week was a decision by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that a requirement that abortion providers have admitting privileges could not be used to close Mississippi's only abortion clinic. Several states "are finding themselves wondering if their own laws" regarding abortion restrictions "are constitutional or not," Marty writes, noting that Louisiana and Oklahoma are "trying to convince their residents" that TRAP laws there "won't be blocked," she continues. She adds that "clinics are shuttering as they admit they can't adhere to the strict and medically unnecessary regulations," such as facilities in Texas, Kansas and Ohio. At the same time, the "eroding of buffer zones" is "making it that much more difficult for patients to access the front doors" of clinics "without harassment," she writes (Marty, Care2, 8/1).

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