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Pa. Bill Aims To Protect Provider-Patient Relationship

Pa. Bill Aims To Protect Provider-Patient Relationship

July 30, 2014 — Two Pennsylvania lawmakers on Monday introduced a bill (HB 2303) that aims to prevent government policies from impeding on patient-provider relationships, the Pittsburgh Business Times reports.

State Rep. Dan Frankel (D) and state Sen. Mike Stack (D) are co-sponsoring the Patient Trust Act, which would bar government entities from forcing providers to care for patients in ways that are not considered medically appropriate. In addition, the bill would prevent the government from requiring providers to tell patients information that is not medically accurate.

The bill is in response to requirements seen in numerous other states, such as laws that force doctors to tell women seeking abortions the inaccurate claim that there is a link between the procedure and breast cancer or laws that prohibit pediatricians from asking patients about guns in the home.

Frankel said in a statement, "Patients trust that their doctor is telling them the truth, the whole truth and that their health is the doctor's primary concern. We should protect that trust" (Mamula, Pittsburgh Business Times, 7/29).