Roe v. Wade 'Effectively Undone' in Much of Texas, Washington Post Editorial Argues

July 29, 2014 — "[P]ro-life groups and lawmakers are negating" the effects of Roe v. Wade with restrictive state laws, including a "frontal assault" on abortion providers in Texas, a Washington Post editorial argues.

The Texas legislation (HB 2) has reduced the number of the state's clinics by more than half, and many "of the surviving clinics are expected to close this fall" after more provisions take effect, according to the Post.

"The new requirements have nothing to do with improving women's health or enhancing the safety of clinics, which are already quite safe," the editorial argues. Rather, "their sole purpose is to burden the clinics with expenses that force them to shut their doors," it adds.

"In the absence of adequate numbers of legal and accessible abortion providers, many women will resort to unsafe and unsanitary options closer to home," according to the editorial.

"Very possibly, some women will die as a result; most of these will be poor," the editorial says, concluding that Roe "has been effectively undone by the [Texas] legislature" in much of the state (Washington Post, 7/28).