July 11, 2014


"Minnesota Law Protects Incarcerated Pregnant Women From Shackling, Provides Doulas," Nina Liss-Schultz, RH Reality Check: Liss-Schultz comments on a Minnesota law (SF 2423) that took effect last week and "will protect incarcerated pregnant women in the state" by "set[ting] new requirements for the state's prisons relating to the treatment of prisoners during pregnancy and childbirth." Among the law's provisions are the requirements "that inmates have access to mental health assessments and treatment during pregnancy and postpartum" and "that correctional facilities offer pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease tests to inmates, along with prenatal, childbirth, and parenting materials," she explains. Further, the law "bans the use of restraints and shackles on pregnant women in most circumstances, and allows women access to doulas as long as there is no extra cost to the state," she adds (Liss-Schultz, RH Reality Check, 7/8).

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