March 4, 2014


"Getting Serious About Sex Education," Imelda Reyes, Washington Post's "The Answer Sheet": "Moving away from abstinence-only curricula in schools and strengthening the public image is the only way to start to solve" the problem of "how and where teens are accessing information about sex and sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy," writes Reyes, a clinical assistant professor of nursing. Reyes writes that according to a recent survey, about 47% of high school students have sex before graduation, and almost 40% of those failed to use a condom, while 77% did not use birth control. In many states, U.S. teens do not receive comprehensive and accurate sex education in their schools, with 34 states in 2011 applying for "abstinence-until-marriage funding" and just 19 states requiring that sex education in high schools be "medically, factually or technically accurate," Reyes adds. She urges adults and health practitioners "to make it a priority to provide the younger generation with information and access to health care," particularly "within our schools" (Reyes, "The Answer Sheet," Washington Post, 3/2).

What others are saying about sex education:

~ "'Don't Fear the Patriarchy, Girls -- Just Keep Your Panties On!' Rob Brooks, Huffington Post blogs.