June 10, 2014


"Repro Wrap: An Abortion is not a Luxury Vehicle and Other News," Robin Marty, Care2: Marty rounds up the latest abortion news, including a court case in which Wisconsin officials defended the state's admitting privileges law (SB 206) by "arguing that making it too hard for pregnant people to access affordable abortions is no different than people not getting that Mercedes-Benz they really wanted but can't make payments on." Meanwhile, some political candidates are trying to appeal to "value[s] voters" by using "anti-choice rhetoric," including Joe Miller, a Republican in Alaska seeking a party endorsement "by declaring that if it weren't for abortion, we wouldn't be having issues funding Social Security," Marty writes. Marty touches on several other issues, including the Texas GOP's recently released party platform and the impact of an Oklahoma parental consent law (Marty, Care2, 9/6).

What others are saying about abortion restrictions:

~ "Jindal's Devastating 'Health Care' Plan for Women," Linda Paver, NARAL Pro-Choice America's "Blog for Choice."

~ "Oklahoma Prosecutors Decline To Charge Teen Who Allegedly Self-Induced Abortion," Teddy Wilson, RH Reality Check.