October 10, 2016


"On its 100th anniversary, a reminder of why Planned Parenthood is so vital," Catherine Pearson, Huffington Post blogs: On Planned Parenthood's 100th anniversary, Pearson outlines reasons why the organization, which conservative lawmakers have sought to defund, "is so essential." Pearson writes, "If Planned Parenthood's impact was measured in terms of patient volume alone, it would be enormous," citing internal figures that show "[s]ome 2.5 million women and men visit Planned Parenthood affiliate health centers every year." Pearson also draws attention to the volume and varying forms of care provided at Planned Parenthood, noting, for example, that "[i]n 2014 to 2015 alone, Planned Parenthood affiliates prevented 578,681 unintended pregnancies via contraceptive services, and supplied 931,589 emergency contraception kits." She adds, "Women go to Planned Parenthood for pregnancy tests and prenatal care. They go to treat urinary tract infections. For HPV vaccination. For colonoscopies. The list goes on and on," including abortion care, "an essential part" of the organization's services. Pearson states that Planned Parenthood "helps women (and men) regardless of their income," citing estimates from the Guttmacher Institute that "more than a third of women who got contraceptive care from safety-net health centers in this country" in 2010 "received their services from a Planned Parenthood site." Noting further that Planned Parenthood "respects women's autonomy," Pearson concludes, "Lauding an organization for simply respecting women's agency is absurd," yet given recent attacks of women's health care rights, "it is remarkable that Planned Parenthood has never wavered in its mission to empower patients to make informed, independent decisions about their own bodies" (Pearson, Huffington Post blogs, 10/16).

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