May 20, 2014


"Places for Hope in the Fight To Protect Women's Health and Rights," Andrea Flynn, Roosevelt Institute's "Next New Deal": "A number of states are currently deliberating (or have passed) legislation that protects women's access to health care, showing that states can be safe havens, not just hostile environments, for women and their families," Flynn, a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, writes. For example, she writes that California enacted legislation (AB 154) that allows "nurse practitioners, midwives, and physician assistants to perform abortions during the first trimester," while a proposed measure in the state would reinforce the Affordable Care Act's [PL 111-148] "requirement that insurance companies cover all FDA approved contraceptive methods and counseling without cost-sharing," as well as "birth control for men." These bills and others elsewhere are "important models" for lawmakers in additional states "who are working to counter the tide of anti-women's health legislation that is sweeping the nation" (Flynn, "Next New Deal," Roosevelt Institute, 5/15).

What others are saying about the reproductive-rights movement:

~ "CLPP2014: The Movement for Reproductive Freedom is Alive and Well," Lori Adelman, Feministing.


"Repro Wrap: U.S. Senate is All Abortion, All the Time, and Other News," Robin Marty, Care2: It was "a Congressional smorgasbord of abortion headlines [last] week, as the Senate held a confirmation hearing for what is likely the least progressive candidate nominated by a Democratic President for a federal bench ever," Marty writes, commenting on judicial nominee Michael Boggs. Marty also details antiabortion-rights efforts in Congress and the states, such as a 72-hour mandatory delay bill (HB 1307/1313) in Missouri, as well as some "good news," including a failed "personhood" ballot measure in Mississippi and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe's (D) effort to "rescind the medically unnecessary clinic building requirements that ... had been shutting down abortion providers throughout the state" (Marty, Care2, 5/16).

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~ "Democratic Opposition to Anti-Choice Judicial Nominee Michael Boggs Grows," Emily Crockett, RH Reality Check.


 "Missouri Governor Signals Possible Veto of 72-Hour Waiting Period Bill," Teddy Wilson, RH Reality Check: "Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon [D] has indicated that he may veto a bill that would extend the waiting period for a woman seeking an abortion in the state from 24 to 72 hours ... in contrast to comments [he] made following the bill's passage that made his intentions unclear," Wilson writes. Nixon in a statement on Thursday said he has "'profound concerns about [the bill's] impact on women and especially the victims'" of rape and incest, Wilson explains. He notes that if Nixon vetoes the bill, "[t]he legislature can override the veto with a two-thirds vote of both houses" (Wilson, RH Reality Check, 5/19).

What others are saying about abortion restrictions:

~ "Trial Set To Begin in Alabama Admitting Privileges Case," Jessica Mason Pieklo, RH Reality Check.