Planned Parenthood Arizona Inc. et al v. Humble (now Planned Parenthood v. Christ)

State court challenge to an Arizona law and related regulations that impose restrictions on medication abortion and force abortion clinics to administer medication in an outdated manner. The restrictions mandate a higher dose than is typically used and has been shown to be safe and effective; prohibit clinics from providing medication abortion to patients who are beyond seven weeks of pregnancy; and require patients to make an additional trip to the clinic to obtain the final medication dose. Plaintiffs asked the Maricopa County Superior Court to declare the law and regulations unconstitutional and to permanently enjoin enforcement. In May 2014, Plaintiffs moved for summary judgment. In March 2015, Plaintiffs filed a supplemental motion for summary judgment. Current Status: In October 2015, the Superior Court of Arizona Maricopa County declared the measure unconstitutional under the Arizona constitution. (Read the law here. See the complaint here. See the notice of claim of unconstitutionality here. See the motion for summary judgment here. See the supplemental motion for summary judgment here. See the Superior Court order here. See related federal lawsuit here.)