May 9, 2014


"'The Person I Think I Ought To Be': Meet the Doctor Fighting To Save Mississippi's Last Abortion Clinic," Katie McDonough, Salon: "Mississippi may soon become the first and only state in the nation without a single abortion provider," McDonough writes, noting that the "lone clinic left in the state" is Jackson Women's Health Organization, which "has long been the target of an avalanche of regulations and restrictions passed by a deeply conservative state legislature that has only gotten savvier ... in recent years." McDonough interviews physician Willie Parker, who travels from his home in Chicago to the Mississippi clinic to provide abortion care, "endur[ing] the harassment, the intimidation and the constant legal threats because there's far too much at stake if the clinic folds." Parker notes that the Rev. Martin Luther King said "that the moral arc of the universe bends toward justice. Sometimes we're not as far along that arc as we'd like to be, but we have the confidence that that's where we're going" (McDonough, Salon, 5/6). 

What others are saying about supporting reproductive rights:

~ "Watch a Video of a Woman Getting an Abortion," Maya Dusenberry, Feministing.