Kan. Gov. Approves Changes to Antiabortion-Rights Law

April 21, 2014 — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) on Friday signed into law a measure (SB 448) that makes several technical changes to existing abortion restrictions, the AP/Topeka Capital-Journal reports. The bill will take effect this week (AP/Topeka Capital Journal, 4/18).

The law includes changes such as revising a requirement that abortion providers' websites link to a state site about pregnancy and fetal development. Under the revision, providers' websites no longer have to say that the state's information is accurate and objective. In addition, the law revises certain regulations on medical emergencies under which abortion restrictions are waived.

The Kansas Legislature approved the bill earlier this month (Women's Health Policy Report, 4/7).


Brownback in signing the measure said it affirms "the sanctity of human life at all stages."

According to the AP/Capital-Journal, abortion-rights opponents have said that the bill makes minor changes to current laws without establishing new policies.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood has remained neutral on the bill (AP/Topeka Capital-Journal, 4/18).