April 18, 2014


"The Abortion Restriction That's Too Extreme for Most Pro-Lifers," Amelia Thomson-Deveaux, American Prospect: "Earlier this month, lawmakers in Kansas ended this session's debate over abortion on a surprisingly low-key note," Thomson-Deveaux states, asking, "Why, in a state where nearly every strain of anti-abortion restriction has taken root with ease, are advocates of the fetal heartbeat ban facing such stiff opposition from their fellow abortion opponents?" She explains that the conflict reflects "a deepening fissure in the pro-life movement," adding, "The proliferation of fetal heartbeat legislation is due to the growing influence of a certain brand of anti-abortion activist, who sees incrementalism as a morally distasteful compromise." In some ways, "far-reaching legislation" like fetal heartbeat bans can benefit antiabortion-rights advocates because other restrictions "look mild by comparison," but they also are "a distraction they can't always afford" (Thomson-Deveaux, American Prospect, 4/15).

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