April 4, 2014


"Texas Abortion Providers Head Back to Court in New HB 2 Lawsuit," Andrea Grimes, RH Reality Check: "A group of doctors announced Wednesday that they will file suit against ... two provisions of [Texas'] HB 2, the omnibus anti-abortion law passed last summer," Grimes writes, adding that if one of the contested provisions -- which requires abortion providers to renovate or build clinics "to mirror hospital-style ambulatory surgical centers" -- takes effect, it would "shutter 18 of Texas' 25 existing legal abortion facilities" and leave no options "west or south of San Antonio, or east of Houston." In addition, the Center for Reproductive Rights has filed suit on behalf of "two abortion providers in far south and far west Texas" against the law's hospital admitting privileges requirement, which previously was upheld by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. She writes that researchers "at the University of Texas' Texas Policy Evaluation Project have estimated that more than 22,000 Texans would be unable to access legal abortion as a result of those two provisions," but "the impact is expected to be much greater if the state is left with only a handful of legal abortion providers, located only in major metropolitan areas" (Grimes, RH Reality Check, 4/2).

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