March 7, 2014


Three More Abortion Clinics Forced To Close in Texas: 'This is a State of Emergency,'" Tara Culp-Ressler, Center for American Progress' "ThinkProgress": "Three more reproductive health care facilities in Texas have been forced to permanently close in the wake of a new state law [HB 2] that imposes stringent restrictions on abortion providers," Culp-Ressler writes, noting that the "clinics are located in communities with high rates of poverty and uninsurance, leaving many vulnerable Texas women with no ready access to reproductive services." The clinics' closures -- which include two run by Whole Woman's Health, the "largest independent abortion provider" in the state -- bring the total number of abortion clinics in the state to just 19, compared with 44 in 2011, according to Culp-Ressler (Culp-Ressler, "ThinkProgress," Center for American Progress, 3/6).

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~ "After Racially Charged Debate, New Abortion Restrictions Pass Alabama House," Amanda Marcottee, Slate's "XX Factor."

~ "One Woman's Case Against 20-Week Abortion Bans: 'Prevent Women From Living My Tragedy,'" Culp-Ressler, Center for American Progress' "ThinkProgress."


 "Alabama Report Makes it Clear How Brutally Women Are Treated in Prison," Robin Marty, Care2: "[A] recent investigation into the prison system in Alabama" showed that some inmates' access to "tampon[s] or toiletries may rely on whether or not a woman is willing to have sex with a guard in exchange," Marty writes. She cites a New York Times article that suggests the "'war on drugs'" has been responsible for "putting so many behind bars, especially women." Marty explains, "With more women being put in jail, and no new jails being built, that leads to the obvious problem of overcrowding, lack of resources and lack of oversight," which, according to a federal report, creates "a rampant 'culture of deprivation and abuse.'" These issues "stem from the use of male guards, which is seen to lead to the sexually abusive nature of many of the allegations of misconduct and injustice at the prison," which have included sexual assault and the "brutal" treatment of pregnant inmates (Marty, Care2, 3/5).

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~ "Activists Erect a Monument to Rape Survivors on the National Mall," Culp-Ressler, Center for American Progress' "ThinkProgress."

~ "New Study Finds That Drinking Doesn't Cause Sexual Aggression, Predators Target Drunk Women," Maya Dusenbery, Feministing.

~ "Kirsten Gillibrand's Sexual Assault Bill SNAFU," Eleanor Clift, Daily Beast.


"Nation's First Birthing Center/Abortion Clinic Opens in Buffalo. This Is Huge," Marcotte, Slate 's "XX Factor": Buffalo Womenservices, "the nation's first-ever birthing center/abortion clinic has opened in Buffalo, N.Y.," marking a "step forward in the necessary integration of abortion into other forms of OB-GYN care," Marcotte writes. "Having a single place to go for all your pregnancy needs instead of sorting patients out depending on their preconceptions about outcome is just plain common sense," she writes, adding, "Being able to go to the same doctor to give birth and have an abortion at different times in your life is likely comforting for patients," particularly if patients are not sure about what "to do about a pregnancy." Marcotte writes that separating abortion clinics from other women's reproductive health care has "had the negative effect of stigmatizing abortion patients by walling them off from all the other patients seeking OB-GYN care" (Marcotte, "XX Factor," Slate, 3/6).

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~ "Montana Abortion Provider Severely Vandalized, Is Closed Indefinitely," Teddy Wilson, RH Reality Check.