February 18, 2014


"The 5 Most Egregious Antiabortion Proposals of 2014 (So Far)," Katie McDonough, Salon: "It's barely two months into the new year, but conservative lawmakers have already introduced a startling number of invasive and punitive abortion restrictions aimed at shuttering clinics and putting the procedure out of reach for people seeking care," McDonough writes. She highlights "five egregious proposals" advancing this year, many of which "are carbon copies of measures that have already been declared unconstitutional in other states." The measures include an Iowa proposal that would "encourage lawsuits against abortion providers and ban telemedicine abortions," a Kentucky bill that would "force women to undergo narrated ultrasounds" prior to an abortion procedure, a South Dakota measure that would "criminalize later-term abortions (and possibly all surgical abortions)," a Missouri proposal "to extend the state's mandatory waiting period to 72 hours" before an abortion, and a Colorado initiative to "define life as beginning at conception" (McDonough, Salon, 2/17).

What others are saying about abortion restrictions:

~ "Mom Charged for Helping Daughter Obtain Illegal Abortion: Is This Our New Reality?" Robin Marty, Care2.