January 3, 2014


"When Pro-Life Goes Frankenstein: The Case of Marlise Munoz," Morgan Guyton, Huffington Post  blogs: Guyton summarizes the case of Marlise Munoz, a pregnant woman who suffered a "pulmonary embolism that left her brain dead on November 26." Munoz remains on life support despite her previously stated wishes to the contrary because "Texas has a law that pregnant women have to be kept on life support if there's any chance their fetus might survive," Guyton explains. Guyton argues, "A truly Christian pro-life position is concerned with not letting people play God by ending unborn children's lives unnaturally with technology," but that position "becomes Frankenstein when it demands that technology be used to disallow nature from taking its course with human life." Noting that the state is not required to pay for the required and unwanted life support, Guyton writes, "It's time for pro-life Christians to call up [Texas Gov.] Rick Perry [R] and tell him to let God be God when it comes to human life" (Guyton, Huffington Post blogs, 12/31/13).

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"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Women's Rights in 2013," Alexander Sanger, Huffington Post  blogs: Although "there was indeed ugliness" for women's reproductive rights in 2013, "there is reason for hope," Sanger, chair of the International Planned Parenthood Council, writes, outlining his "top five wins for sexual and reproductive rights in 2013." Sanger's list includes the "widespread protests throughout India" in response to "[t]he rape and murder of a 23 year-old woman in New Delhi," and a court's decision in the Dominican Republic to reject a complaint by the Catholic Church against Profamilia's ad campaigns "to promote comprehensive sexuality education and responsible parenthood." He also highlights efforts to increase access to abortions in California, Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis' (D) filibuster against an abortion-restrictive bill (SB 5) and the "millions of women, men and young people throughout the world [who] continue to fight to ensure that all people have access to quality healthcare and protection of their human rights" (Sanger, Huffington Post blogs, 12/30/13).

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