December 17, 2013


"The Heroic Commutes of Abortion Providers," Kat Stoeffel, New York Magazine 's "The Cut": As more and more abortion clinics close under the pressure of state regulations, those "that remain open increasingly rely on itinerant providers, a.k.a. fly-ins or circuit providers," according to Stoeffel, who adds, "These out-of-state doctors brave long commutes (sometimes flying anonymously) and hostile locals (disguises required) to make sure women don't lose their right to choose on a technicality." She explains that many of the clinic closures are the result of measures known as TRAP -- targeted regulation of abortion providers -- laws, "deceptively mundane laws govern[ing] things like clinic-hallway widths" and "requiring providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.” Drawing on interviews with abortion providers and other media reports, Stoeffel highlights the commutes of "seven abortion providers whose unusual routes to work have made the news since TRAP laws began to gain traction" (Stoeffel, "The Cut," New York Magazine, 12/13).

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"11 Pro-Choice Successes of 2013," RH Reality Check: "Though 2013 might have brought an array of new abortion restrictions and other setbacks for reproductive rights, there were also a number of reasons for pro-choice allies around the country to be proud this year," according to a post by several RH Reality Check staffers. They list 11 of the "top pro-choice successes of 2013," including the "'feminist army' [rising] up in Texas" and thousands of North Carolina residents protesting abortion restrictions there. Other items on the list include the expanded nonprescription access to emergency contraception, the federal contraceptive coverage rules taking effect, "California expand[ing] abortion access," Albuquerque voters rejecting an abortion ban, the confirmation of reproductive-rights supporter Nina Pillard to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and several victories in legal challenges over abortion restrictions (RHRC staff, RH Reality Check, 12/16).

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