Planned Parenthood v. Iowa Board of Medicine

State court challenge to a rule prohibiting the use of telemedicine to provide medication abortion to patients. The rule requires a physician to have an in-person exam with the patient and to be present when the medication abortion is dispensed. The Polk County District Court issued a temporary stay of the rule, allowing providers to continue to use telemedicine to administer medication abortion until a court ruling on the merits of the case. In August 2014, the Polk County District Court upheld the rule, allowing it to take effect 30 days after the court issued its decision. Planned Parenthood appealed the ruling and asked the Iowa Supreme Court to issue a temporary stay which would allow providers to continue to use telemedicine while the court considers the appeal. The temporary stay was granted. Final Outcome: In June 2015, the Iowa Supreme Court struck down the law. (See the district court’s order here. See the brief to the Iowa Supreme Court supporting the temporary stay here. Read more about the case here. See the Iowa Supreme Court striking down the law here.)