November 12, 2013


 "Wisconsin Senate Prepares To Vote on Abortion and Contraception Restrictions," Teddy Wilson, RH Reality Check: Wilson discusses two antiabortion-rights bills that were approved last week by the Wisconsin Senate Health and Human Services Committee but were not added to the schedule for the full Senate's last day in session. Jenni Dye, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, called the measures "part of a steady attempt to roll back where Wisconsin has been with access to reproductive health," adding, "It really undermines women's ability to make meaningful decisions about their health care because if they don't have access they don't have options" (Wilson, RH Reality Check, 11/11).

What others are saying about abortion restrictions:

~ "Pennsylvania 'Pro-Life Caucus' Lawmakers To Re-Introduce Admitting Privileges Bill," Tara Murtha, RH Reality Check.

~ "If You Don't Think Women Who Get Abortions Should Go to Jail, Don't Support Criminalizing Abortion," Lisa Hallgarten, RH Reality Check.

~ "As HB 2 Takes Effect, Groups Help Pay for Abortions, Travel for Texans in Crisis," Wilson, RH Reality Check.