Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice v. Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy

State court challenge to a provision in an Oklahoma law (HB 2226) that requires women 17 and older to show identification to a pharmacist in order to obtain Plan B One-Step and generic emergency contraceptives and requires those under 17 to have a prescription to obtain them. The suit argues the law is unconstitutional and discriminatory because it imposes restrictions on a form of contraception used only by women and that the legislation is invalid because the bill addressed more than one topic, violating the state constitution's single-subject rule. On August 19, 2013, an Oklahoma district judge issued a temporary injunction; the law had been set to go into effect on August 22. Final Outcome: In January 2014, the state court permanently struck down the law on the ground that it violated the single-subject rule. (See the law here. Read more about the case here.)