July 16, 2013


"Every Reason for an Abortion is a Good Reason," Amanda Marcotte, RH Reality Check: Conservative television host Bill O'Reilly recently argued that women in Texas have "what he considers insufficient reasons for getting an abortion," Marcotte writes. Based on O'Reilly's reasoning, "[o]ne would think that in order to get a safe, legal abortion under the standards set out by Roe v Wade, one has to go in and provide a 'reason' that you 'deserve' this abortion," Marcotte states. However, "there's no real legal way to make women justify themselves" for wanting the procedure, she notes, adding that it is unethical "to require a patient to argue their moral worth" before they can receive health care. "We need to get the message out that, as with every other medical intervention out there, pre-viability abortions don't need to be earned," she adds (Marcotte, RH Reality Check, 7/15).

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~ "Kermit Gosnell and the Case for Abortion Rights," Andrea Frey, Law Students for Reproductive Justice's "Repo Repro."


"Wendy Davis: The Silver Lining to a Very Dark Cloud," Mary Pauline Lowry, Huffington Post  blogs: Despite an hours-long filibuster, in which Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) "acted as the voice for women from all over the Lone Star State," the Texas Legislature has advanced a sweeping bill that would make Texas "one of the most difficult states in the nation to get an abortion," Lowry writes. However, Davis is "[t]he silver lining to this dark cloud," Lowry adds, noting that Davis went from living in a trailer while raising her child as a single parent to graduating from Harvard Law School. Lowry credits Davis with "singlehandedly [reviving] a Democratic sense of enthusiasm and possibility" that the state has not seen since former Gov. Ann Richards (D) lost re-election to George W. Bush in 1994. She concludes, "[D]espite the darkness of the situation, the sense that women (and men who care about women's health) have a new and galvanizing leader in Wendy Davis gives me a sense of excitement and hope" (Lowry, Huffington Post blogs, 7/12).

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