June 18, 2013


"Fewer Waiting Periods for Guns Than for Abortions," Katy Hall/Jan Diehm, Huffington Post blogs: "The federal government protects both the right to bear arms and the right to have an abortion, but barriers to exercising these rights often depend on whether a state is controlled by Democrats or Republicans," write Hall and Diehn in a post highlighting a Huffington Post map that depicts waiting periods for obtaining an abortion and purchasing a gun in each state. Twenty-six states impose a waiting period before a woman can access an abortion, Hall and Diehn note, adding that in all but two of those states, there is no waiting period to buy a gun. Hall and Diehm also point out that while waiting periods for abortions have been shown to have little effect on women's decisions, waiting periods in the gun market have been "linked to a drop in gun suicides, which now outnumber gun homicides in the U.S." (Hall/Diehm, Huffington Post blogs, 6/14).

What others are saying about access to abortion:

~ "'Too Late' and the 'Turnaways': Women Denied Access to Abortion," Hillary Schneller, National Women's Law Center's "Womenstake."

~ "When Abortion is Denied," Katie J.M. Baker, Daily Beast's "Women in the World."