June 14, 2013


"Thousands of North Carolinians Protest GOP Overreach at State Capitol," Robin Marty, RH Reality Check: In recent weeks, reproductive justice advocates have joined thousands of other North Carolina residents in protesting how the Republican-led Legislature "has rolled back civil rights through voter ID laws, privatizing schools, and limiting access to reproductive health care," Marty writes. The "Moral Monday" protests -- organized by the North Carolina NAACP and local clergy -- have resulted in about 350 arrests. The Legislature's refusal to expand Medicaid is also a "top concern" for reproductive justice advocates, Marty adds, noting that a state budget proposal would keep 500,000 low-income women and teens who would have become eligible for Medicaid under the expansion from accessing contraception and sexual health coverage through the program. The proposal also cuts $250,000 from a program that provides medical services for people who do not qualify for Medicaid and allocates it instead to an umbrella organization for crisis pregnancy centers (Marty, RH Reality Check, 6/11).

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"The Nationwide Attacks on Reproductive Rights," Larry Bodine, Huffington Post  blogs: "State legislatures across the country have enacted an avalanche of restrictions that deny women of their reproductive rights," writes Bodine, editor in chief of, adding that "this year alone, more than 300 anti-abortion measures have been introduced in the states." The laws "have nothing to do with protecting women's health and everything to do with making it harder to get an abortion," Bodine adds, noting that the measures "try to skirt the Constitution, making abortion services harder to get by making them more expensive, inconvenient, frightening and demeaning for women." Attorney and constitutional law expert Joanne Fanizza told Bodine that conservatives "want to ban abortion even in cases where the mother is raped, where she's a victim of a crime, where it affects her health and well-being," adding, "That's clearly a violation of Roe v. Wade. They claim to be pro-life, but to whose life are they pro?" (Bodine, Huffington Post blogs, 6/12).

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