La. Senate Advances Bill Restricting Medication Abortions

June 3, 2013 — The Louisiana Senate on Thursday gave final approval to a bill (SB 90) that would add new restrictions on medication abortions, AP/The Oklahoman reports.

The legislation -- sponsored by state Sen. Fred Mills (R) -- requires medication abortion providers to be "in the physical presence of the pregnant woman when the drug or chemical is initially administered." Supporters of the bill say it is designed to prevent the use of telemedicine in medication abortion care.

The bill also requires abortion providers to have training in obstetrics and gynecology or family planning, and it increases the fines for abortion clinic violations.

The bill now heads to Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), who is expected to sign it.

Planned Parenthood said the bill is medically unnecessary and aimed at hindering access to abortion (AP/The Oklahoman, 5/30).