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Okla. Gov. Approves Stricter Parental Consent Requirements

Okla. Gov. Approves Stricter Parental Consent Requirements

May 15, 2013 — Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) on Tuesday signed into law a bill (HB 1361) that makes the state's parental consent requirements more onerous for minors seeking abortions, AP/KRMG reports (AP/KRMG, 5/14).

The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Randy Grau (R), would require the parent of a minor who is seeking an abortion to show "government-issued identification" and "written documentation," such as a birth certificate, to prove his or her relationship to the minor. The changes would replace a current requirement that parents show "proof of identification."

The bill also would require that a minor who cannot obtain parental consent seek a judicial waiver before a judge in the county in which she lives; currently, the application can be submitted in nearly any state district court (Women's Health Policy Report, 5/9). Supporters of the measure said the new requirement will prevent minors from "venue shopping" for a judge who is likely to grant the waiver, according to the AP/KRMG (AP/KRMG, 5/14).

The law will take effect on Nov. 1 (The Oklahoman, 5/15).