May 3, 2013


"The Importance of Roe vs. Wade," Joseph Blady, Huffington Post  blogs: "When abortion became legal in this country, its benefits to society were so obvious that one could be deluded into thinking that the issue was settled," Blady writes. "Since there is no scientific basis for declaring a six-week-old fetus a person, the obvious origin of the laws that have recently cropped up in North Dakota and four other states is religious," he argues, adding, "These states are rampaging against birth control for the same reason." He adds, "The answer to the abortion issue is so simple that it beggars belief that we haven't gotten to that place." Blady continues, "If you don't want an abortion, don't have one," but "leave the less pious of us alone to do what, unfortunately, has to be done to make more livable the lives of women who have to make the terrible decision to have an abortion" (Blady, Huffington Post blogs, 5/1).

What others are saying about the need for legal abortion:

~ "We Already Lost Savita in Ireland. Don't Let Beatriz Die in El Salvador," Maya Dusenbery, Feministing.

~ "Care2 Bloggers' Book Shows How GOP Shoves Women Toward Back Alley Abortions," Jeff Fecke, Care2.