Fla. Bill on Failed Abortions Heads to Gov. Scott

May 1, 2013 — The Florida Senate on Tuesday advanced legislation (HB 1129) that would require physicians to provide emergency care if an infant is born alive after a failed abortion, the Miami Herald's "Naked Politics" reports.

The bill -- which received rare bipartisan support -- is the first abortion-related measure to advance to Gov. Rick Scott (R) in two years. Scott said earlier this month that he is looking "forward to signing the bill when it reaches [his] desk."

The Senate voted 38-0 without any debate to pass the House version of the measure, which was approved by that chamber last month. The bill would impose criminal penalties against abortion providers who violate its requirements. In addition, the measure would require that cases of a live birth following an attempted abortion be reported to the state (Koff, "Naked Politics," Miami Herald, 4/30).

Abortion-rights supporters said it is incredibly rare for an abortion procedure to result in a live birth, while abortion-rights opponents contended that the scenario does occur (AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 4/30). Under Florida law, abortions are permitted later in pregnancy only if two physicians agree that the procedure is needed to save a woman's life ("Naked Politics," Miami Herald, 4/30).