April 30, 2013


"Florida's Racist Anti-Choice Bill Prompts Walkout by Female Legislators," Amanda Marcotte, RH Reality Check: "Of the many and varied lies told by anti-choicers in their quest to separate women from their basic human rights to bodily autonomy, the claim that women need to lose their rights in order to protect Black people is one of the most odious," Marcotte writes. She notes that during a recent debate over a Florida bill (HB 845) "requiring doctors to interrogate Black patients about whether they are seeking an abortion to avoid giving birth to Black children, an estimated five legislators walked out in anger." According to Marcotte, "There are only two reasons to claim that Black women's abortions are about race," as the bill's sponsor asserted. "Either you believe that Black women hate Black children and are getting abortions to avoid being mothers to Black children, or you believe Black women are being coerced by outside parties who have a racist agenda," Marcotte writes, adding, "Both of these claims are deeply insulting to Black women" (Marcotte, RH Reality Check, 4/28).