Nev. Assembly Passes Comprehensive Sex Education Bill

April 25, 2013 — The Nevada Assembly on Tuesday voted 26-15 to approve a bill (AB 230) that would implement a new sex education curriculum in public schools, the AP/NECN reports.

Although the new curriculum would emphasize abstinence as the most effective way to avoid teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, it would also cover topics such as contraception, domestic violence and sexual abuse, counseling services, and how drugs and alcohol affect decision making.

The measure -- sponsored by Assembly member David Bobzien (D) -- would require that a state council determine general criteria, but it would leave school districts responsible for setting the specifics.

Bobzien said, "Giving our students the facts -- giving them the medically accurate information they need -- will save lives."

He noted that Nevada has a high teen pregnancy rate. According to HHS data, Nevada in 2010 had the 17th-highest teen birth rate in the U.S. (Woolbright, AP/NECN, 4/23).