Minn. House Approves Fees, Inspections for Abortion Clinics

April 24, 2013 —The Minnesota House on Monday voted 71-62 to pass an amendment that would require abortion clinics to pay annual licensing fees and undergo state inspections, the AP/Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

The amendment -- sponsored by state Rep. John Ward (D) -- was added to a larger health and human services budget bill with the support of House Republicans and a few Democrats who oppose abortion rights.

Under the provision, clinics that perform more than 10 abortions monthly would have to pay a $3,700 annual fee. In addition, the state Department of Health would inspect the clinics twice a year.

Bill's Prospects

The measure is expected to face difficulty in the Senate, where there are fewer antiabortion-rights Democrats, according to the AP/Star Tribune.

Gov. Mark Dayton (D) vetoed similar legislation last year (AP/Minneapolis Star Tribune, 4/22).