Planned Parenthood Criticizes La. Bill That Would Restrict Telemedicine, Medication Abortion

April 22, 2013 —A Louisiana bill (SB 90) that would restrict medication abortion access is unnecessary and inaccurately implies that the method is unsafe, according to Planned Parenthood officials, Healthcare IT News reports.

The bill would ban the use of telemedicine during the provision of medication abortions and require that a physician be physically present when a woman takes the drugs (McCann, Healthcare IT News, 4/18).

Last week, the Associated Press inaccurately reported that Planned Parenthood does not oppose the bill.

In fact, the organization is fighting the legislation. The group has asked the AP to publish a correction, Planned Parenthood officials told the Women's Health Policy Report (Planned Parenthood statement, 4/19).

"This bill imposes medically unnecessary requirements on abortion providers with the intent of eliminating access to abortion for women in Louisiana and falsely claims that non-surgical abortion is unsafe," Melissa Flournoy, Louisiana state director of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, said.

The bill passed a Senate committee and awaits consideration by the full chamber (Healthcare IT News, 4/18).