April 19, 2013


"Bringing Down Arkansas' House of Cards," Becca Cadoff, American Civil Liberties Union's "Blog of Rights": On Tuesday, ACLU "filed a lawsuit in Arkansas to challenge what was, for a short time, the most extreme abortion ban in the nation," Cadoff writes. "The sad fact is we shouldn't have to be in court at all," she says, adding that the law is clearly unconstitutional. Nonetheless, "since Arkansas passed this bill, North Dakota passed a more extreme law, banning abortion even earlier in a woman's pregnancy," while lawmakers in other states continue to introduce "a flood of bills designed to interfere with our personal, private decision-making," she writes. Cadoff urges advocates "to speak up -- loudly" and "tell our elected officials to ... [l]eave these decisions to a woman, her doctor, and her family" (Cadoff, "Blog of Rights," ACLU, 4/17).

What others are saying about state abortion restrictions:

~ "North Dakota, Home to Nation's Strictest Abortion Law, Approves Yet Another Ban for Good Measure," Tara Culp-Ressler, Center for American Progress' "ThinkProgress."

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