April 12, 2013


"In Just Three Months, States Proposed an Astonishing 694 Provisions About Reproduction," Annie-Rose Strasser, Center for American Progress' "Think Progress": During the first quarter of 2013, states proposed 694 provisions related to women's reproductive health, according to a new report by the Guttmacher Institute, Strasser writes. She notes that 47% of the measures were directly related to abortion, including seven states that are "edging closer to achieving full approval for laws that would reduce or essentially eliminate abortion access." She continues, "Enforcing unconstitutional abortion laws isn't just a threat to women's rights -- it's also costly to the states caught up in legal battles." For instance, North Dakota is considering authorizing $400,000 to defend a newly enacted abortion ban. However, the "upside" of the report is that more states "are moving toward the prevention of unintended pregnancy through sex education," Strasser writes (Strasser, "Think Progress," Center for American Progress, 4/11).

What others are saying about state attacks on reproductive health:

~ "On Abortion, the GOP Tacks Right," Abby Rapoport, American Prospect.