March 22, 2013

ATTACKS ON REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS IN THE STATES: "Coercion, Not Consent," John Culhane/Gayle Matthews, Huffington Post   blogs: Culhane and Matthews, a physician, discuss the rhetoric in the debate surrounding state laws requiring ultrasounds before abortions. As with many antiabortion-rights bills, ultrasound measures are not "designed to follow the best medical practice, but to impose the state's view on the pregnant woman." Although the laws often are passed "under the pretext of informing a woman's choice," the ultrasound requirements are "deliberately coercive," the authors write, adding, "Mucking with the physician-patient relationship by skewing informed consent will over time erode the trust that patients must place in their health care providers." They write that the "best argument" against these laws is that "[i]n the long-term, they will undermine the physician-patient relationship by making the doctor the mouthpiece of the state" (Culhane/Matthews, Huffington Post blogs, 3/20).

What others are saying about attacks on reproductive rights in the states:

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