Idaho House Rejects Amendment Banning Emergency Contraception From Health Exchange Plans

March 15, 2013 — The Idaho House on Wednesday voted 38-32 to reject an amendment that would have prohibited health plans offered in a state-based health insurance exchange from covering emergency contraception, the AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The amendment -- sponsored by Rep. Vito Barbieri (R) -- would have altered Gov. C.L. Otter's (R) exchange proposal to ban participating private health plans from covering the drugs Plan B and ella.

Barbieri incorrectly suggested that such drugs could cause an abortion. He argued that an Idaho law forbidding health plans in the exchange from offering abortion coverage was inadequate.

Democratic Minority Leader John Rusche, a physician and former health insurance executive, said there is no scientific evidence supporting claims that taking EC could result in an abortion (AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/13).