Okla. House Approves Changes to Abortion Provider Reporting Requirements

March 14, 2013 — The Oklahoma House on Tuesday voted 79-15 to approve legislation (HB 2015) that would add more than two dozen questions to a questionnaire abortion providers must already complete, the AP/San Antonio Express-News reports.

State Rep. Sean Roberts (R), the bill's sponsor, said the bill's goal is to update physician reporting requirements in accordance with changes in abortion laws and help lawmakers determine why women are seeking abortions (AP/San Antonio Express-News, 3/12). The bill also would allow residents to file lawsuits against abortion providers who fail to comply with the state reporting laws (Tulsa World, 3/13).

Opponents said the measure aims to intimidate and overburden abortion providers. Rep. Emily Virgin (D) said, "Doctors aren't coming here and telling us how to do our jobs. Let's not tell them how to do theirs" (AP/San Antonio Express-News, 3/12).