February 15, 2013


ABORTION COVERAGE: "From the Ground Up: Restoring Insurance Coverage for Abortion Care," Tara Sweeney/Kelly Baden, RH Reality Check: Sweeney and Baden, both of NARAL Pro-Choice New York, highlight a recent resolution (Res 1635-A) adopted by the New York City Council. The resolution calls on the U.S. Congress to support funding for reproductive health care, including abortion, and provides an "example of the kind of proactive move that elected officials can take to break the mold of defensive responses that have characterized" the reproductive-rights movement, they write. "With more actions like these from brave and prominent leaders in our cities, the quiet acquiescence that reinforces the Hyde Amendment's ban on coverage just might start to disintegrate," they conclude (Sweeney/Baden, RH Reality Check, 2/13).

What others are saying about abortion coverage:

~ "21 States Will Soon Ban Insurance Coverage of Abortion," Maya Dusenbery, Feministing.