February 1, 2013


"Oregon is the Only State Left That Hasn't Imposed Any Restrictions on Abortion," Tara Culp-Ressler, Center for American Progress' "ThinkProgress": "Despite the fact that Roe v. Wade first legalized abortion four decades ago, anti-choice lawmakers have successfully chipped away at abortion rights on a state level," leaving Oregon as the "sole state" that has not imposed any restrictions on abortion rights, Culp-Ressler writes. She references a chart compiled by Remapping Debate, which provides a "helpful visual" to "illustrate the recent flood of anti-abortion laws across the country" (Culp-Ressler, "ThinkProgress," Center for American Progress," 1/31).

What others are saying about the best states for women's health:

~ "Resolution 1635-A: A Progressive Action That Meets the Real Needs of American Women and Families," Andrea Miller, RH Reality Check.


"The Worst State for Women?" Amanda Marcotte, American Prospect: In recent years, states seem to be "competing for the dubious honor of being the worst place for women to live," Marcotte writes, noting that this year, North Dakota has "risen to the top of the competitive field." The state is considering a bill that threatens to close the state's only clinic by requiring that providers obtain hospital admitting privileges, as well as two others that would give rights to fertilized eggs and ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detectable, she explains, adding that abortion-rights opponents also are attacking sex education programs. The threats extend beyond reproductive health "to women in general," with programs including those intended to address violence against women being cut. Native American women in the state are especially vulnerable, Marcotte adds (Marcotte, American Prospect, 1/30).

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~ "Meet Jason Rapert, the Koch-Backed Evangelical Steering Arkansas' Radical Abortion-Restriction Effort," Lee Fang, The Nation.

~ "The New Anti-Choice Legislation To Watch: 'Fetal Heartbeat' Bills Banning Nearly All Abortions," Culp-Ressler, Center for American Progress' "Think Progress."

~ "South Dakota Bill Would Exclude Weekends and Holidays From 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period," Culp-Ressler, Center for American Progress' "Think Progress."

~ "Mississippi's Last Abortion Clinic Sends a Message: 'We're Here, and We're Not Going Anywhere,'" Culp-Ressler, Center for American Progress' "Think Progress."