January 11, 2013


"Texas Has Created a Costly Roadmap for Defunding Planned Parenthood," Molly Redden, New Republic 's "The Plank": After courts stopped lawmakers in various states from "strip[ping] funding from their local Planned Parenthood chapters," Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) decided he would achieve this goal in his state "by forfeiting hundreds of millions of federal dollars in Medicaid tagged for women's health care," Redden writes. She continues that when combined with the Texas Legislature's 2011 decision to reduce the state's family planning budget by two-thirds, the state will face an estimated $231 million in additional costs from unplanned pregnancies. Redden writes, "Politicians anywhere who are interested in defunding Planned Parenthood need only follow Texas' roadmap: Give up hundreds of millions of free federal money, launch their own state-run health care apparatus, and steel themselves for the cost of all the unwanted pregnancies that result" (Redden, "The Plank," New Republic, 1/11).