December 21, 2012


"Dear Rick Perry: Caring for Children Doesn't Stop at Birth," Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC: In announcing his support for a 20-week abortion ban this legislative session, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) "drew a line deeply in the sand and planted his flag in support of not just weakening -- but completely obliterating women's reproductive rights," MSNBC host Harris-Perry writes. In response to Perry's declaration, Harris-Perry posts an open letter asking the governor to acknowledge that the measure is really about trying to challenge Roe v. Wade. She adds that instead of passing laws that address the state's high uninsurance rate or expand its Medicaid program, Perry is "more interested in laws whose only use is to block women's rights and make a difference in the life of one person in Texas -- [him]self" (Harris-Perry, MSNBC, 12/18).

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"In Search of Solidarity: Vastly Different Responses to Michigan's 'Right To Work' and Attacks on Right To Choose," Angi Becker Stevens, RH Reality Check: Becker Stevens draws several similarities between Michigan's "right to work" legislation and a recently passed measure (HB 5711) that would impose several new restrictions on abortion, including "that they are both attacks on the working class." She continues, "[A]s is always the case with restrictions on abortion, these barriers will have the greatest impact on those with the least resources," adding, "And as Right to Work laws push more people toward or below the poverty line, it becomes even more terrifying to consider what the future of abortion access will look like for women in Michigan." Becker Stevens notes that several pro-union protesters seemed to feel that her signs supporting reproductive rights were inappropriate at a recent rally. "Those who seek to dismantle unions and those who seek to deny women's bodily autonomy are not two separate groups with two separate motivations," she writes, calling on union and women's rights supporters to both "stand in solidarity to defend all the rights of the working class" (Becker Stevens, RH Reality Check, 12/18).

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