December 18, 2012


"What Republican 'Soul-Searching'?" Michael Keegan, Huffington Post  blogs: Despite Republicans' "talk of post-election 'soul-searching,' there doesn't appear to be any self-examination going on among those currently clinging to their seats in Congress and state legislatures," People for the American Way President Keegan writes. He cites Michigan, which recently passed "extreme anti-choice" legislation (HB 5711), as a primary example of the recent "right-wing rampage." He continues, "Anybody who was paying the least bit of attention to this year's elections would have noticed that two of the things voters find most repugnant about today's GOP is its blind allegiance to big corporations and its enthusiasm for regulating women's health," adding, "Apparently the Republican Party wasn't paying attention. Or is just too beholden to the interests of the Corporate and Christian Right to care" (Keegan, Huffington Post blogs, 12/14).

What others are saying about Michigan:

~ "Michigan House Sneakily Passed the Country's Most Extreme Anti-Abortion Bill Early This Morning," Katie J.M. Baker, Jezebel.


"Rick Perry: Legislature Will Work Out Punishment for Women Seeking Later Abortions Under Proposed Ban," Andrea Grimes, RH Reality Check: Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) recently voiced support for legislation that would ban abortion in the state after 20 weeks of pregnancy, but his office said it will be up to the Legislature to determine if there are any exceptions to the ban and punishments for those who violate the measure, Grimes writes. She quotes Amelia Long -- president of the Lilith Fund, a not-for-profit that helps women find funding for abortion care -- who said that a 20-week abortion ban "unfairly burdens people that are already experiencing some of the worst problems in their lives." Grimes concurs, "Indeed, how compassionate is it to suggest that an unemployed mother of two, a student looking for waitressing jobs who found herself pregnant at 20 weeks after an unsuccessful medical abortion, should pay a fine or serve jail time?" (Grimes, RH Reality Check, 12/17).


"Major Medical Societies Call for End to Legislative Intrusion Into Women's Medical Care and Decisions," Andrea Friedman, RH Reality Check: Friedman, director of reproductive health programs at the National Partnership for Women & Families, highlights a recent New England Journal of Medicine commentary by several medical groups criticizing legislation that interferes with the physician-patient relationship in reproductive health care. Organizations representing tens of thousands of physicians have endorsed the article, and state medical associations across the country also "have been taking up the cause, openly opposing harmful laws," Friedman notes. "These statements are a sharp rebuke to legislators around the country busy passing laws that interfere with women's health care," she continues. "Anti-choice lawmakers often try to argue that these laws promote women's health and protect women from bad decisions," Friedman writes, adding, "But the reality is just the opposite; they harm women by taking the important decisions about their individual care away from them and their doctors and instead put them in the hands of politicians" (Friedman, RH Reality Check, 12/14).