Abortion Restrictions Should Be Removed From Mich. Health Insurance Legislation, Editorial Argues

December 17, 2012 — A Michigan provision that would bar businesses and insurers from offering abortion coverage in their health plans "imposes government in yet another place where it doesn't belong," a Detroit News editorial states.

The provision is included in legislation (SB 1923, SB 1924) that was "a beneficial repurposing for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan until House meddlers got control of the process," the editorial adds.

Even though the bill was intended to only affect Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the abortion provision is "written in broad terms that apply to insurance companies and businesses throughout Michigan," according to the editorial.

"Lawmakers once again are trying to fix something that isn't broken," it continues, noting that currently, employers are permitted but not required to offer abortion coverage in their health plans.

The editorial notes that many conservatives "who claim to value free enterprise" voted for measure. The editorial calls on Gov. Rick Snyder (R) to "ask the Legislature to reconsider this bill next week or start fresh with a clean bill in the new year" (Detroit News, 12/14).