December 11, 2012


"Why are Michigan Politicians Adopting Ireland's Deadly Abortion Policy?" Jennifer Dalven, American Civil Liberties Union's "Blog of Rights": "[F]or reasons I can't begin to understand, politicians in Michigan are telling hospitals it is okay if they treat a pregnant woman exactly like the Irish hospital treated Savita [Halappanavar]," Dalven writes, referring to a bill passed by the Michigan Senate last week that would protect a hospital from penalties for refusing "on religious grounds to provide appropriate care to a pregnant woman facing an emergency." Dalven adds that "when a pregnant woman is taken to a hospital in an emergency she shouldn't have to worry that the hospital will withhold the care she needs to protect her health" (Dalven, "Blog of Rights," ACLU, 12/10).

What others are saying about attacks on reproductive rights in Michigan:  

~ "Michigan Senate Just Passed a Bunch of Bills Prohibiting all Insurance Coverage for Abortion," Katie Baker, Jezebel.