December 7, 2012


"Michigan Lawmakers are Trying To Sneak Through Extreme Abortion Restrictions in Lame Duck Session," Tara Culp-Ressler, RH Reality Check: Michigan lawmakers on Thursday attempted to revive an omnibus antiabortion bill (SB 612, SB 613, SB 614) that sparked an outcry after it passed the House this summer, Culp-Ressler writes. The legislation would "[r]egulate abortion clinics out of existence," restrict telemedicine abortion, impose guidelines on the disposal of fetal remains, prevent private insurers from offering abortion coverage and allow doctors to refuse to provide abortion services for personal reasons, she writes. She notes that "Thursday's push doesn't represent the only step that Michigan lawmakers have taken ... to push through anti-choice legislation," adding that lawmakers recently considered bills (HB 5684, HB 5685) that would establish a tax credit for fetuses past 12 weeks' gestation, "a dangerous step toward endowing fetuses with the same rights as U.S. citizens" (Culp-Ressler, RH Reality Check, 12/6).

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