December 4, 2012


"5 States Where GOP Extremists Still Rage Against Women," Sarah Seltzer, Salon: Seltzer writes that the "war on women" continues with attacks on abortion rights and threats to Planned Parenthood funding in several states, including Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, Ohio and Wisconsin. "All of these states show that the misguided crusade against women's rights is not over, despite the overwhelming 'out of our exam rooms, out of our bedrooms' message sent by the 2012 election," she writes, adding, "In 2013, keep your eye on the states to see whether the 'war' on reproductive health services comes to an end, continues or, as some activists wish, goes the other way" (Seltzer, Salon, 11/30).

What others are saying about attacks on reproductive health in the states:

~ "Mississippi's Hypocritical Anti-Choicers May Close Last Abortion Clinic," Amanda Marcotte, RH Reality Check.

~ "Fiscal Conservatism, Texas Style? Texas Family Planning Program Now Serves Fewer Clients for More Money," Andrea Grimes, RH Reality Check.