November 20, 2012


"Reflections on the 2012 Election and Abortion," Carole Joffe, ANSIRH Blog: "[W]hile the results of the 2012 election were encouraging in a number of ways to those who support abortion rights, abortion providers and the women who seek their services will still face enormous challenges in large parts of the United States," Joffe writes. Exit polls found strong support for abortion rights among voters, suggesting "that the high visibility of abortion and contraception in this election cycle ... made many voters anxious that legal abortion could be virtually abolished," she adds. However, despite the election results at the federal level, "we will most likely not see a diminishing of the abortion wars" because "real action regarding abortion is in the states," Joffe writes (Joffe, ANSIRH Blog, 11/16).

What others are saying about the impact of the election:

~ "The Republican Party is Taking a Long Hard Look in the Mirror," Kim Smith, Planned Parenthood Action Fund's "Women Are Watching."

~ "Thanks to Team Rape, Most Americans Consider Themselves Pro-Choice Again," Katie Baker, Jezebel.